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    Refund Policy

    Nantucket Soccer Club

    Refund Policy

    Any player withdrawing from the program may request a refund; the player may be refunded an amount determined by the NSC Board that is commensurate to actual expenses incurred.

    General Refund Guidelines:

    • Program Refunds of registration fees less a $50 cancellation fee are available prior to the close of registration.
    • Late Fees are NOT refundable.
    • Any refunds granted shall be subject to deductions for any processing fees or other fees incurred by the club.
    • The club will grant a refund if we cannot place your player on any age appropriate team.
    • As parents or guardians of players please be aware that after team formation you may not be eligible for any refund of registration fees.
    • Refunds shall NOT be granted in cases where families cannot, or will not, accommodate practice and/or game schedules.
    • Refunds shall not be granted in cases where the club does not accommodate a specific coach/team request or car pool request.
    • Refunds shall not be granted if a family is disappointed in and/or disagrees with team placement of their player.
    • In addition, injuries are a part of all sports at any level and are not generally considered as a reason for a refund. However, the club will consider prorating refunds requested due to an injury which results in a player being prohibited from playing on a case by case basis.
    • Refunds on uniform fees are subject to club placed team order.
    • Travel Team - No refunds, partial or full, will be made to players who choose not to participate at any point after registration for any reason, including players suspended from the program.

    Questions about the refund policy or request for exceptions to this policy (medical issues, etc) may be requested by writing the Club Director and the Executive Board